Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20-20 Vision

Isn't it funny how people who have never accomplished anything are absolute experts on where we went so wrong in our endeavours. I have for many years had little to no time for the nay sayer, in fact my favourite expression has always been..'those who think or say it can't be done... should get out of the way of those who are doing it' - Helen Keller I believe. Wish I had an ounce of her drive and determination.

Life is full of struggles... everyone has their demons, battles and negativity. Some wallow in a life of self pity and may even send invitations to their pity party's.. some take advantage of the weak to make themselves feel like achiever's but all that they are doing is spreading their misery, while others fight and strive... and push, pull, get knocked down but get up and try again. I like to think that I am amongst the later group, I'm far from perfect and am no stranger to failure but I refuse to allow failure to hold me down and therefore consider myself an achiever.

Sure I glance back and think, "Didn't see that coming but I could have, ....should have,  ...would have.....", our rear vision always seems to be 20-20.... but is it really? .. and while we are focused on the rear we certainly aren't watching where we are going.

So to those experts on another's life who with their own have accomplished nothing, achieved nothing, I begrudge you nothing but suggest that should you move forward, you may not need to look in another's rear view mirror because you may have an image in your own - where your 20-20 rear vision may even be appreciated.

In the meantime I continue to move forward so that I can glance back from time to time and more often than not think to myself.... "Well done old boy, you gave it your best shot!". It matters not whether I failed of succeeded but that I tried. I've had a very full and blessed life, far far longer than expected but I have been inspired by a number of people from an early age who were at the time in worse circumstances than myself but stayed positive. 

Depending on one's perspective I'm very lucky or very unlucky. My Mother, God rest her soul was very superstitious as a young woman and would often say to me, "It's that damned name - 'Peter', I pleaded with your father not to give you that name but he had promised his grandfather.... I knew you would be unlucky." (Mom's cousin Peter whom she was very fond of had been a sickly and unfortunate child. He had passed away a few years earlier (Mom had been a teenager) and Peter's passing had a huge impact on her). I would often laughingly respond, "No Mom... I'm really lucky, I have you for my Mom!" That would bring a smile to those beautiful big blue eye's.

Mom with me standing and brother Guy on her lap.

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