Monday, March 25, 2013

Bonnie Ronnie

This morning as I woke, beside the birds singing outside my bedroom window, I heard the unmistakable sounds of 'Radar Love' by Golden Earring emanating from the radio ever so faintly. I like to keep the radio playing beside me while I sleep, I often wake to discussion or debate during the early hours - Ravi Zacharias in particular fascinates me with his philosophical perspective on Christianity and Atheism. I digress.

Anyway the sound of this very familiar old tune reminded me of the night that I met my Bonnie Ronnie, Saturday night the week end before Easter 1975 if I'm not mistaken. I was at my favourite venue for the three things that interested me most in those days, birds, booze and tunes - not necessarily in that order. The night club on the corner of 13th Ave and Grey St had many names such as 'Talk o' the Town' and 'Electric Circus' it was however known by most as 'The Zoo' for the Party Animals who frequented the night spot.

That particular Saturday night I was enjoying a few 'Shumba' (Lion Lager), my poison of choice at the time whilst scoping the talent from the edge of the dance floor and listening to the band play (can't remember which band but it wasn't Golden Earring unfortunately however the live bands were always very good I must say).

After about half an hour I spied in the deepest darkest corner of the club a dark haired lovely in a pale corduroy full length dress which appeared to be hugging some rather svelte curves. I watched her for a while since she was alone, a table full of drinks in front of her would indicate that she was playing wall flower by choice while her friends party. Definitely worthy of closer inspection - besides I wanted to dance and shake it up a bit.

Anyone who was familiar with 'The Zoo' would remember that there were comfy benches along the walls and cut down wooden wine barrels that served as table's with the small kegs and pouf's that served as seating. This arrangement in the disco lighting was an effective obstacle course for would be suitors and served the wall flower well as it would thwart the well intoxicated. Now I had a reputation for over consumption of the amber fluid but I want to stress here that I was nowhere near intoxicated at that early stage of the evening. 

On arrival at Bonnie Ronnie's table I went to lean over so that she could hear me when I accidentally placed one foot on the edge of one of those damnable poufs. As I shifted my weight to move my foot the pouf flicked out from under me and I lurched forward sweeping the table full of drinks ahead of me as I slid across the table landing on the bench with my head in Bonnie Ronnie's lap. She squealed with both arms raised as she tried in vain to push herself backward and away from me. She was soaked and smelled like a brewery, her beautiful dress ruined.... and I - well I had done my dash here. 

Ronnie recovered a little and rather impolitely insisted that I remove myself from her lap, "Get OFF ME" she yelled repeatedly. Well I had nothing to lose and I'm a stubborn and persistent bugger at the best of times so I flatly refused until she would agree to dance with me. It took a good few minutes of persuasion with, "I'm comfortable and I like it here, the view is great and I'll only move if you promise to dance with me." before Ronnie capitulated and agreed. We danced to 'Radar Love' which was playing while the band was on a break. As soon as the song was over Ronnie tried to make good her escape but I stuck to her like bubble gum to a blanket and the rest is history.

My Bonnie Ronnie (Veronica)
A few years ago I put a little video tribute together for the love of my life which I'll share here.

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