Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old wounds

I don't know what it is but my family seems to be in the wars at the moment. Bonnie Ronnie chipped a tooth a few days ago, brother Shane shattered his ankle when he fell off a ladder which is the one that will take the longest to heal once all the plates and screws are in place, a bit like putting Humpty Dumpty back together. 

If that wasn't enough my brother Guy's son Heath was collected from the rear whilst he was on his motorcycle, fortunately it seems that nothing was broken but he lost some bark (skin) and his muscles will feel as though he has just survived 10 rounds with the 'Rock'. He is young and he will recover quickly but it will be back to haunt him in the future.

Now it's the first month of winter here in Queensland and the weather is always mild so I love winter.... ordinarily! This morning is a little different since I was very warm when I went to bed at 1am (I get wrapped up in my work/art and lose track of time... but I'm having fun so no foul). This morning however I woke with my whole body cramped in the foetal position chilled to the marrow. It took me an age to straighten my body and get out of bed, which brought to mind my brother and my nephew. I took a long hot shower in the hope of loosening my joints, muscles and bring about a little mobility.

Thankfully my Bonnie Ronnie was here to look after me, helped me into the sunshine to see if that would help. This situation was brought about by my cavalier attitude when I was young, it didn't help that I was accident prone. These aches and pains are as a result of many incidents that would see me in hospital for lengthy stays at least twice a year until we migrated to Australia, I slowed down a bit and became a little more responsible and cautious. These incident's included writing off one bicycle, three motorcycle's,  five cars, explosions, shootings, stabbings, burnings, a car jacking where I was left for dead on the side of the road with a broken face and neck. Broken bones include both legs, both arms, pelvis, left hip, the loss of a patella (twice), a portion of my jaw etc. etc. Today the lot came back to haunt me painfully.

I certainly pray that my nephew doesn't follow in my footsteps in this regard, too late for my brothers, as they too had their fair share of grey hair contribution's to my late Mother (RIP Mom - Love you to bits) and my Dad who is still with us and as sharp as a tack. Dad would always be the one to come and pick up the pieces once we became teenagers - Mom told me once that she just couldn't handle it anymore. I remember her piggybacking me as a seven year old up to the surgery and back everyday to have coal shards removed from my burnt feet and before that there was a time that Dad couldn't look at me after I managed to crush my forehead at age five. She would walk (she never did drive) six miles to visit me in hospital for over three months when I was six, had a burst appendix, hospital mucked up and forgot something inside me, became infected and I lost the right kidney as a result.

My family keep asking me to write a book but I wouldn't know how and my memory is not the greatest. I may however elaborate on some of these incidents and many, many more at some point in the future. For now my thoughts are with my Brother Shane and my Nephew Heath praying for a speedy recovery for both. Bonnie Ronnie is booked in for Thursday to have her tooth repaired.

Till next time, God Bless!

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