Thursday, August 24, 2017

Attitude adjustment

G'day everyone, if anyone is still following this very stagnant blogger. Over a year since my last blog but I'm still here even though my use by date was 2010 so I am doing exceptionally well. For 5 years my health improved steadily and no it didn't just happen, it took a great deal of work and commitment. 

Just as I was on the verge of achieving one of my major goals a 5km marathon 2 years ago, I developed an embolism in my right leg which already had huge blockages and the setback was actually really devastating. My walk/jog dropped like a stone from over 5km down to 50metres .... 5 years of effort down the drain.

The psychological impact was the hardest battle I have ever had to overcome in my life and believe me I've had a few. So, to get my head straight I volunteered to be a subject for a cardiovascular study group which was set up to measure the benefit of exercise as an alternative for surgery since I'm such a poor candidate for surgery. Additionally I have a cousin whose wife is an artist and a jogger and I have been secretly following her battles for inspiration (she is one very tough but loving lady). Even so I have found getting my head straight to be a huge battle as my body lets me down time after time with prostate problems, compounded by the dreaded "C", now to the stomach with hiatus hernia and bleeding ulcers in the oesophagus. Biopsies and tests to the wazoo looking for alternatives so surgery and failing at every turn has at least had the effect of kicking in my stubborn streak - ENOUGH!

I've joined the gym, have a personal program developed with the assistance of a PT and am absolutely determined to get back on top of this. As for surgery - to heck with the consequences, lets give this body a fighting chance, or let it go if it's time is up. Within 2 weeks I have appointments with all the specialists and the message is going to be the same - make it happen and the sooner the better. 

Time for a positive attitude adjustment, starting with this blog! Now I've got work to do .... but in those immortal words of Arnie, I'll be back!

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